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HELIOS - Fairway driver

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Helios- Fairway Driver

The Helios fairway driver is honestly one of the best beginner drivers I have ever thrown. It is light weight, weighing 150 grams, and is super easy to get distance with. Perhaps the best thing is just how straight flying this driver finishes the flight. This is a really understable disc and won’t overwhelm new players with an overabundance of fade. Experienced players will find that the Helios is an excellent choice for Hyzer flip shots or Anhyzer throws where you want the disc to glide off to the right. I reach for the Helios when I have a long straight fairway driver where the basket is in view.

Material: TPE;

Weight: 160g;

Diameter: 21.4cm;

Fly Index:

Speed: 7

Gilde: 5

Turn: -3

Fade: 1